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Skip to content. Star Trek Fleet Command. Gives a bonus of 20% to all the officer abilities. Everytime the ship gets it, he increases the defense of all officers on the bridge by N%. In the event you find yourself engaging against a player with leveled rare/epic crews, this group can be used to neutralize the Interceptor ConfigurationI've used this configuration against difficult hostiles in dailies.Age Level. see all. 8-11 Years. 12-16 Years. ... HALO FLEET BATTLES COVENANT ORS HEAVY CRUISER + ADP ESCORT SHIP MINIATURE SET. ... Star Trek Other Miniatures & War ... Section Level Building Costs Bonus 1 2,500 Holoemitter 2,500 Transparent Aluminum +10 Max Cap 2 10,000 Nanopolymer 5,500 Holoemitter 5,500 Transparent Aluminum +20 Max Cap 3 20,000 Tritanium 12,000 Transparent Aluminum 12,000 Holoemitter +30 Max Cap 4 45,000 Nanopolymer 25,000 Holoemitter 25,000 Transparent Aluminum +40 Max Cap 5 (max) 100,000 ... Many fans consider this the best Star Trek episode of all time. Writer Harlan Ellison wrote the original story, which put a drug dealer aboard the Enterpise, but it was altered to make it more Trek-friendly, to his anger and dismay. McCoy is accidentally injected with cordrazine, goes haywire, and beams down to a barren planet. A Fleet can be further divided up into Squadrons of up to 5, which can be used to more effectively compete in Events. Your fleet itself can provide a number of opportunities for personal improvement. Daily Targets allow your entire Fleet to work toward a series of objectives every day that, when completed, provide you and any other active ...

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Star Trek: Away Team is an isometric real-time tactics video game developed by Reflexive Entertainment and published by Activision.The game was initially released in March 2001 for personal computers using Microsoft Windows in North America. Over the past year, we have been able to increase our Federation Armada level from approx level 600 at the start of the year, to level 750 at the time of this mail. This is an incredible achievement and the thanks goes to every single member of this great community.

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Officer shards can be obtained from completing missions, daily goals and events. As for ships, there are 2 main ways: Leveling up your ships – You will need to use Ship XP cubes in order to level up your ship. Leveling up increases all ship stats and ability. Ship XP cubes can be obtained from completing daily goals and events.

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Star Trek: Voyager: A Celebration Review To appreciate Star Trek Voyager: A Celebration on a deeper level it is necessary to go back a few years before the series even debuted. Star Trek: The Next Generation had the benefit of a global audience waiting with baited breath for Star Trek’s return to television, following an […] Rebellion was the first Star Wars game to attempt the 4x recipe: star fleet commerce, waging of war, exploration and final conquest. But, having paid close attention to Elite , Master of Orion , to Secret Operations and so many others, the game manages a very good rendition of what most fans would expect from such a game. Sep 14, 2020 · Star Trek Fleet Command, Free It was bound to happen sooner or later: Star Trek Discovery is now a part of Star Trek Fleet Command. The USS Discovery brings its jump technology to the universe ...